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We are manufacturer and can make Silicone ice cube tray manufacturer with any size,shape,color,logo etc.

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1,One of the primary advantages of silicone ice cube trays is their flexibility, which makes it easier to remove ice cubes without having to bend or twist the tray. Unlike plastic trays, which can be brittle and prone to breaking, silicone trays are durable and can withstand a lot of use.,

2,Another benefit of silicone ice cube trays is that they’re easy to clean. Unlike plastic trays, which can develop a sticky layer over time, silicone trays are non-stick and don’t absorb any odors or flavors. You can simply wash them in the dishwasher or with a mild soap and water.

3,Silicone ice cube trays are also highly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used to make ice cubes for drinks, or to freeze other liquids such as broth or juice for later use. They can also be used to make frozen desserts or even as molds for homemade candies.,

4,One of the most popular uses for silicone ice cube trays is for making flavored ice cubes. By adding fruit, herbs, or other flavorings to the tray, you can create ice cubes that add an extra kick of flavor to your drinks. You can also use silicone trays to make ice cubes in different shapes and sizes, such as hearts or stars, for special occasions or events.

5,Silicone ice cube trays are also great for use in the kitchen. They can be used to freeze small portions of leftover sauces or soups, making them easy to store and reheat later. They can also be used to freeze herbs or homemade baby food for quick and easy meal prep.

Overall, silicone ice cube trays are a great investment for anyone who wants a more convenient and versatile way to make ice cubes. With their flexibility, durability, and ease of use, they’re sure to become a staple in your kitchen or bar. So why not give them a try today!

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We can do EXW, FOB ,CIF,DDU terms which can meet your different requirement 


1. Did your silicone sleeve for water bottle are BPA free ?

Yes, we test it by SGS, and all silicone sleeve are BPA free

2. Do you offer free samples?

Yes. We can provided free sample to you by freight collect .

3. What is largest size you can make for silicone sleeve?

It depends on your request .we can make from 8-60cm size .

4. What is your regular order delivery date?

The regular  delivery date is about 15-20 days

5. Can you help me make print logo on silicone water bottle sleeve?

Sure. We can make any custom print logo on it and do custom packaging according to your requirement

6 . How can you make sure the material can pass test ?

We can send you material test report for reference before place order,or we can send you sample to make test with your lab .