We Have Much Experience, Capability, and R&D Engineers to Make Your Custom Silicone Products Run Up from Idea to Market Successful!


We offer the complete silicone product development cycle under one roof- from designing products & building tooling to launching into full-blown production. You will reduce the risks of working with multiple vendors, save your time to market & lower costs.

We support our partner consumer silicone products from idea to market. Our factory consists of a strong engineering Design team; precision mold manufacturing workshops; silicone products molding workshops; the Post-forming department; the QC department, the department of packaging.

This creates a one-stop solution to meet your scalability requirements for your Custom silicone products.

Step 1: Products Design

1-product design

Custom Needs

When we get the Customer needs from our clients. The customer needs should include the product's name, function,2D/3D drawing, or samples. Our sales and Engineer will talk about the needs with the customer needs by email, phone, Wechat, etc.


Our skilled sales and Engineer will talk with the customer idea, the function of the silicone products. We work with the customer closely at an early stage of customized silicone products design. We can work out 3D CAD files for you based on your idea /sketches. We will review your 3D drawing and give certain suggestions to make sure it is designed for manufacturability.

2-mold making

3D Drawing Creation

With through communication, we will know exactly what you need and offer certain suggestions to you. All the suggestion should be make sure the design meets products processing requirements and can be produced consistently and cost-effectively. Lastly, our engineers will work out the 3D files after a mutual agreement on the final design.

Step 2: Silicone Products Prototyping

In House Tooling Making

Our in-house silicone tooling workshop allows us to react quickly to customers changing requirements. Customized CNC tooling and EDM machine can fasten the production process. The in-house tooling workshop allows for the flexible creation and customization of specialized silicone products in a time-saving and cost-effective.

3-material mixing
4-put material into mold

Step 3: Silicone Products Contract Manufacturing

Silicone Mass Production Tooling

We make the silicone mass production tooling according to the communication of the samples in our in-house tooling workshop.


Silicone Products Molding Production

More than 10 years, Our silicone products molding service from Solid Silicone rubber compression molding expend to Liquid Silicone rubber injection molding and Epoxy (CO-injection) molding. we’ve been manufacturing a wide range of silicone products, mainly focused on customized silicone consumer products. Our one-stop silicone products manufacturing factory operates at a high capacity and is focused on producing your personalized silicone products to meet your scalability requirements.

Step 4 Warehouse And Logistics

We have an independent Warehouse for the storage of the product before the shipment. And if needed, we also help our customers solve the logistics needed if they request. You need around 1 Week or 1 Month to get the products in your hands depending on the shipment you choose.

12-loading container

Step 5 After-Service

We hope all the goods that we deliver to our clients are high quality and can meet your needs. If there is any problem, please contact to our sales or our customer service freely in 24 hours.

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- Welcome to our website! We are a professional silicone product factory that specializes in creating custom items based on your unique needs.
- With years of experience and a team of experts, we take pride in delivering the highest quality products to our clients all around the world.


Our Products

- Our custom silicone products include (add examples here): silicone kitchenware items, silicone baby products , silicone promotional gifts, and many more.
- We use only the best materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure every item we produce is durable, food safe, and aesthetically pleasing.


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- If you don't see the exact product you want in our existing catalog, we are happy to create a custom design based on your specifications.

- Our team will work with you every step of the way, from designing and prototyping to producing and shipping your final product.


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- Professionalism: Our factory has years of experience in producing high-quality, custom silicone products for clients all over the world.
- Quality: We use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure your products meet your expectations.
- Flexibility: Our team is responsive and adaptable, always willing to work with you to create the product you envision.
- Value: We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Step 1: Products Design

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