Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co., Ltd has recently made waves in the silicone products industry.

Dongguan Yingshang Silicone Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, with a factory area of over 6000 square meters. It is located in Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Shenzhen and Huizhou. It is located in the Pearl River Delta region of China, which is economically developed and has a complete industrial chain. It is also recognized worldwide as a region with professional silicone production technology and excellent product quality. 80% of its products are exported and 20% are sold domestically.

Since its establishment, the company has been focused on innovative research and development of silicone tableware products, as well as continuous improvement in product performance and quality, striving to develop and produce suitable products for all customers. The advantages of Yingshang Silicone lie in its innovation ability and development speed, in which they are far ahead of other competitors in the same industry.

Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co., Ltd has recently made waves in the silicone products industry. Specializing in custom-made silicone products, the company prides itself on using only food-grade silicone raw materials. Not only does their silicone meet testing requirements from clients in different countries, such as FDA, LFGB, EU, DGCCRF, and more, but it also offers peace of mind for those concerned about the safety of their products.

Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co., Ltd has made its name known through its 24 sets of high-tech production equipment and in-house mold workshop. Their skilled team can quickly design products, provide 3D drawings, create sample and production molds, and generate prototypes to meet various client orders. From small orders to large, we have the capacity to handle any order volume. The company is both SEDEX and ISO 9001 certified, and can comply with third party factory inspections to meet customer needs.

The company's business partners include some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Disney, Walmart, Target, Nestle, MAS, and more. All are long-term, established business relationships that emphasize quality, safety, and performance. Dongguan Invotive Plastic Product Co., Ltd is eager to extend its expertise and services to new clients, and looks forward to working with you!

Post time: Apr-10-2023